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Google’s new Password Checkup tells you if your accounts can be compromised

Legions of people use awful, easily guessable passwords. Much worse, many people reuse passwords across multiple sites and services. That means that if one site leaks your info, hackers can potentially gain access to any of your other accounts that […]

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BitLocker, Windows’ built-in encryption tool, no longer trusts your SSD’s hardware protection

To paraphrase Fox Mulder, trust no self-encrypting SSD. As of the latest Windows 10 update, Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption tool that’s built into Pro and Enterprise versions will no longer assume that self-encrypting SSDs are, you know, actually securing their data. After […]

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Install Windows 10’s August 2019 updates now to protect your PC from a nasty worm

Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday updates rolled out earlier this week, and you should update Windows pronto. The updates include patches for four severe “wormable” security exploits that can let attackers spread malware without any user action, similar to WannaCry and […]

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Microsoft issues a rare Windows XP patch to combat a virulent WannaCry-like exploit in older OS versions

Windows XP may be dead, but Microsoft refuses to leave it to the worms.Today, the company warned users to apply a critical patch for a remote code execution vulnerability that could open older versions of Windows to attack. Common-sense caution […]

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