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The best free antivirus 2021: Keep your PC safe without spending a dime

We spend a lot of time looking at the best paid antivirus suites, but we don’t talk much about free antivirus solutions. Part of the reason is that the free versions are based on their paid counterparts.If you see a […]

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IVPN Pro review: Privacy gets a huge boost

IVPN in brief:
P2P allowed: Yes
Business location: Gibraltar
Number of servers: 76
Number of country locations: 32
Cost: $100 per year
VPN protocol: WireGuard
Data encryption: ChaCha20
Data authentication: Poly1305
Handshake: ECDH/curve25519
One of the best features of Mullvad, our favorite VPN at this writing, is that it doesn’t require an […]

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Get 25% off LastPass Premium, our favorite password manager, for World Password Day

Today is World Password Day, a day when security companies want to remind you how terrible your passwords are. If you’re looking to improve your password security, our favorite overall password manager is offering a killer deal today. LastPass is […]

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How to spot an online scam: 3 dead giveaways

It’s surprisingly easy to fall for an online scam even if you’re hyperaware of all the ways bad actors can trick you. Online scammers are playing a numbers game. If they send out their scams to enough people, they’ll find […]

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