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Microsoft’s data loss prevention tools may begin snooping around your PC

Most workers wouldn’t even think about emailing a confidential planning document outside of the company. Microsoft’s new Endpoint Data Loss Prevention service might flag you for a chat with your IT department if you carelessly copy it to a local […]

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Revealed: How home router manufacturers dropped the ball on security

Security vulnerabilities in your home router have been the story for years, with the responsibility being placed at the feet of users to keep their router firmware updated. But a damning report by Fraunhofer says that router manufacturers themselves have […]

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Update: Zoom issues fix for UNC vulnerability that lets hackers steal Windows credentials via chat

Update: After this story and others went live April 1, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan addressed Zoom security and other issues in a blog post. Part of the blog post detailed a bug fix to be released, which would fix the […]

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Report: Hackers can steal Windows credentials via links in Zoom chat

An unpatched vulnerability within Zoom allows an attacker to drop a malicious link into a chat window and use it to steal a Windows password, according to reports.A hacker could use an attack called a UNC path injection to expose […]

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