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Report: Hackers can steal Windows credentials via links in Zoom chat

An unpatched vulnerability within Zoom allows an attacker to drop a malicious link into a chat window and use it to steal a Windows password, according to reports.A hacker could use an attack called a UNC path injection to expose […]

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How to prevent Zoom bombing by being smarter than Boris Johnson

Even heads of state need some help with Zoom. A screenshot of a Zoom meeting shared publicly by the UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, included its Zoom Meeting ID. Don’t do that! Here’s why.With more and more people using the […]

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Microsoft tasks its Defender antimalware with securing corporate Android and iOS phones

While malware writers have attacked PCs because of their popularity and large attack surfaces, Android and iOS phones aren’t immune—and Microsoft, recognizing this, plans to offer Microsoft Defender for both platforms.Though Microsoft apparently plans to release more details at the […]

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Update: Avast kills Jumpshot data-collection business after privacy concerns mount

Avast said Thursday that it will wind down its data-collection service, Jumpshot, in response to concerns that it was collecting personal information about users from its free antivirus programs without the full knowledge and consent.Avast and its subsidiary AVG, caught […]

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