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How to protect yourself from the new Microsoft Office hack

There’s a scary new attack targeting Microsoft Office—and worse, it’s not patched yet. But you can keep your computer safe if you don’t click on risky files from untrusted sources. And even if you do by accident, Office’s Protected View feature can […]

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Unpatched Office attack reminds us: Don’t click on risky docs

Microsoft is warning of a new Office vulnerability that can probably be avoided by continuing to use smart Internet practices. Namely, don’t open untrusted documents.Researcher EXPMON reported a new vulnerability to Microsoft on Sunday, the company said, and Microsoft confirmed […]

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This USB-C Lightning cable should terrify you

Now even your USB-C and Lightning cables can spy on you.Hak5 has begun selling USB-C and USB-A cables that yes, work as cables—but they can also be used hack your laptop, tablet, or phone remotely.The cable, first demonstrated by security […]

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Beware this new phishing attack that’s after your passwords!

A classic bit of internet security advice just bit the dust. For ages, email users were told to hover their mouse over a link to see where it led—if you saw the URL of a legitimate website, you were in […]

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