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Mandatory Microsoft accounts for Windows 11 Home might be a good thing

Are you still typing in all-caps BECAUSE WINDOWS 11 HOME WILL FORCE USERS TO HAVE A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT? Lighten up.I, like you, detest being forced to have an account just to use every new Microsoft product. It feels like a […]

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The PrintNightmare exploit is so scary, even Windows 7 just got an emergency fix

Microsoft typically releases updates for Windows as part of its monthly “Patch Tuesday” blitz, but the company took the unusual step of releasing an emergency out-of-band security update late Monday night to fix the critical “PrintNightmare” vulnerability published (and deleted) […]

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Why Windows 11 is leaving so many PCs behind (it’s not just TPM)

If you’re still wondering just why your relatively recent computer may get abandoned by Windows 11, it’s likely because your CPU’s performance would take a nose dive when all of the security features in the new operating system are enabled.Microsoft […]

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Bitwarden review: This free password manager has few restrictions, and little polish

Most free password managers are only free up to a point. Typically, they restrict the number of passwords that can be saved or devices that can be synced for free users. Bitwarden bucks that trend, letting you save unlimited vault […]

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