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Network Operations Center

Our NOC (Network Operations Center) service monitors server hardware and other network devices that are critical to your business operation 24/7/365. Our certified NOC engineers respond to alerts and trouble tickets that have been generated by your systems. We focus on your network infrastructure, utilizing a sophisticated step mechanism to triage and resolve system alerts. Our engineers troubleshoot the issues, provide regular status updates and the remediation steps from the time triaging begins until resolution.

The monitoring of network systems and devices is done using a Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool which allows us to respond to alerts with specific response times, resolution and/or escalation.

  • Unlimited remote systems administration
  • Event log monitoring and alerting
  • Troubleshooting Windows error logs
  • Business application administration
  • Switch and Router management and monitoring
  • Firewall management and monitoring
  • Setup monitoring and scheduled scripts/tasks
  • Temporary file clean-up
  • Disk defragmentation, Scandisk
  • Microsoft updates and patch management
  • Performance optimization
  • Detect Disk and disk controller errors
  • Identify resource issues
  • Anti-virus software management
  • Anti-virus scan and virus removal
  • Anti-Spyware /Adware software management
  • Scheduled spyware scan and removal
  • Logs review and exclusion management
  • Security definition management


Key Benefits and Deliverables

·         24x7x365 High Availability support

·         Significant reduction in system downtime

·         Immediate management of incidents around the clock

·         Reduced operational costs

·         Improved user experience and productivity